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Brand Identity and Brand Communication for payback shopping platform Konsument.



Konsument is a new shopping platform that shares the dealer commission for each online purchase with the consumers.

Schmitz&Wiesner got commissioned to create the new company's holistic Brand Identity (Corporate Design and the UI + UX design of the online platform etc. ) and Brand Communication.

Before the design process started Schmitz&Wiesner was involved in the Brand Strategy process with Sasserath Munzinger Plus and developed the German claim "Ich sammle Geld." (German for „I collect money.“). After finishing the Brand Identity a core communicational idea got established and a series of three different commercials got rolled out. They each showed people in their private surroundings collecting something ridiculous as a hobby (a very German thing) ending with the Konsument testimonial pointing out that there is something smarter to collect: money.

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CMO / Konsument
Amazing people, amazing work, amazing results. If you need someone to get shit done – Schmitz&Wiesner should be your first choice.

Sven Massanneck
CMO / Konsument